World Class Pilots

A drone is as only good as its pilot. L.A. Drones has found the best aviators in the country and assembled a world class flight crew. Anywhere, any gig, anytime.

FAA & Permitting Gurus

L.A. Drones has filed thousands of permits and FAA documents. You tell us when and where, and we handle all the paperwork for you.

Flexible Services

L.A. drones will flex to your project and budget, providing valuable insight on how to get the most bang for your buck while creating an incredible product or experience.

Creating aerial artistry with cinema ready rigs

What can L.A. Drones do for you?

The applications for drone photography are endless. Tell us what you’d like to capture.


Feature, indie, shorts, commercials, music videos. Heavy lift drones for any cinema camera you’re looking to carry.

Robotic Engineering

We build custom drones and robots for any and all applications. Want to pour tequila shots or deliver a package, we’ve got you covered.

Virtual Reality

Put on the goggles and experience true flight. We can carry any 360 camera in the game, and there’s no one in the business that’s done it more than us


We don’t only capture live events, concerts, and sports, we create actual onsite activations that tell your story and engage your audience

Real Estate

Showcase your real estate and give your potential customers a first hand view at their property and neighborhood.


Turbine inspection, agriculture, land survey, search and rescue… we do it all with groundbreaking technology and bespoke strategies

Custom Branded Drones, Integrations & Experiences


L.A. Drones features Expert 107 pilots, seasoned producers, creative technologists, airspace wizards, client whisperers, engineers.


Austin James Smith is L.A. Drones CEO, architect and executioner.



High risk, manual, proximity, FPV expert. Aaron is the guy you trust with the radio in his hand, and LAD clients fly him around the world to execute.


L.A. Drones Co-Founder and 107 Certified Pilot. Made in Kansas but assembled in California. Started building FPV mini quads in 2013 and never looked back. Loves lasagne.


L.A. Drones Lead Engineer and Responsible for the Implementation of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence to Unmanned Aerial Systems in entertainment, sports, inspection and defense.

They fly with us


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