is the founder of L.A. Drones and Future Grade.
AJS is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO,
award winning creative director,
technologist and musician.


AJS is the founder & creator of L.A. Drones, Future Grade, Goodshift, aw3s.  He is an Award winning creative director, Clio-winning brand experience developer, and a highly sought after innovator and project manager for full scale, future-tech content, studios, and experiential marketing campaigns.

AJS has an incredibly diverse, polished skill set, including business development, creative engineering solutions, bespoke brand content campaigns, experiential technology, live broadcast production, visual directing, creative marketing consulting, video editing, sound design, web 3 solutions, and of course, building and leading highly specialized, rockstar teams. 

When he’s not focused on business development, AJS is an industry leading Producer & Creative Director for the NFL, Intel, Amazon, Warner Bros, SoFi Stadium, the Famous Group and many more.  Whether its explosive one-offs, or multi-year, multi-million dollar campaigns, his novel, creative-tech driven approach, and relentless work ethic has yielded 16 years of successful projects and products.  AJS is also an avid investor and productive ally for his partners.

Frames from the field.

Because the proof is in the pudding, as rara would say.
Titans Year 2
AJS directing Derek Henry and the Tennessee Titans for their "thunderous" year 2 opener.
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Tailored innovation, for every customer.

"I've always had the need to truly understand things at a binary level - amplifiers, astronomy, TI-83 calculators, you name it. I would take things apart, and build my own functionality to solve newer problems (often for better or worse). Years later, after leading many major creative campaigns, product development cycles, and experiential technology teams, I've come to appreciate how a childhood full of tinkering has inadvertently played a significant role in shaping what makes my skillset unique. I will bring the creative design and pragmatic path to execution, then I will jump into the weeds with the engineers and the specialists. The result is a streamlined vision finding its way into the crevices of every product, project, content, and strategy."

Some projects of note.

The big ones, end to end project execution. Campaign creation, technology development, experiential activations, and content capture.

Tennessee Titans Home Opener

AJS wrote and directed this home opener for the Tennessee titans, now playing every Sunday at Nissan stadium.


Product developer and aerial director for the aerofilm agl initiative, building ai / 3d / state of the art camera products
for earth / planet science.

Jurassic World

Custom built flying Jurassic World dino's for Universal, live activation at Hollywood sign.

Amazon Intersect

All digital content campaigns for Amazon and Intel during Intersect festival.

Live VR @ CES Keynote

300 Googles, for the biggest in press. Live aerial VR demo for the CES keynote.

Summer of X-Games

Multi state, multi-activation and content campaign w/ Intel, X-Games, and many more.

Sky View Observatory

Custom immersive elevator content experience built for the Columbia
Center in Seattle.

Dunk Drone

The build, the tests, and epic story behind working with Aaron Gordon for the NBA Dunk Contest.

Bellagio Light Show

250 drones flying in formation with the Bellagio fountain for CES.

Ferrari x Intel

A three year, multi million dollar campaign, driving a motorsports broadcast that featured 5 drones and AI powered graphics.

SoFi Stadium Campaigns

Austin James Smith and LA Drones have partnered with SoFi stadium to provide all aerial and specialty content for the Chargers, Rams and more.

Nissan Ghost

multi-camera, TECH driven capture for nissan, aerial directed by ajs.

Project Teams

Assembling and leading all star teams in the tech and media industries


Where it all began. From commercial cinema production to unique viral marketing campaigns, AJS has over 2 billion views on content to date.


We are creators, but we are builders. From custom AI-driven kiosks, to fully fabricated event sets, we build what we dream.


From broadcast to full live experience and multi-year projects, we have the teams that know how to execute from pre-pro to post.


With a focus on computer vision, we developed real time object detection and classification models, and then creatively incorporate this tech into media and broadcast.


We design and build smart products. We then take that knowledge and apply it to branded customer experiences. AI, VR / AR, Robotics, Lights, Software, Hardware, and so much more.


The future of the internet is upon us. Humans can only finally possess their own digital data. The ability for companies to reach their customers will is being revolutionized, and we are here at the front.



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