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Our most dynamic capture tool to date.

New views, endless applications

WHAT is FPV Cinema?

Literally means “First Person View” video cinematography. Using High Definition FPV (First Person View) Goggles and custom built racing-style drones, our pilots step into cockpit of the drone, and are able to fly cinema-ready cameras with more precision and accuracy than ever before.

WHY use FPV Cinema?

Using our custom built FPV drones, we are able to create incredibly smooth, long, beautiful shots – as well as quick and acrobatic camera moves.  Whether we are tracking cars in a live broadcast or creating a fly-through marketing video for a venue, LAD FPV provides highly engaging and novel content capture and campaigns.

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Small Drone, Huge Impact

Our lunchbox sizes drones are now capable of capturing long smooth shots that used to take massive dollys, jibs, and cranes. We've opened the door to a whole new style of content.

Our Pilots, Your Advantage

Our rockstar pilots have been using race drones to create cinema content for over 5 years. With our skill and experience, we are known for executing "high stakes" flights, flying around talent, fans and guests.

Complete Content Campaigns

LAD is a fully staffed, full service production house, handling pre-production, creative strategy, onsite video production, editing, music and marketing strategies.

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From film to flythru, we use FPV for a multitude of applications.
Here are a few of the latest and greatest.

End to End FPV-Integrated Video Production

Dynamic and engaging marketing content

There's no better time for a flythru.

It’s challenging time for places of business.  It’s is however, the most opportune time ever to capture an amazing FPV flythru of your store, factory, stadium or campus.  Create robust content campaigns to showcase your establishment and business like its never been seen, and stay fresh with your fans through one of a kind flythru of your brand, property, experience. Bonus time, Flythru content gets 5x the views and engagement than regular video content.

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Service Styles

Endless applications for FPV cinema content

Fim & Commercial

With FPV we are able to fly cameras more dynamically than ever before, and create film scenes that would normally take all VFX.  We fly Go Pro 8’s, Panasonic GH5, Alexa Mini’s and VR rigs using FPV.

Live Broadcast

We are now able to integrate FPV Drones into live broadcasts for sports that can be bet on https://w88oaz.com/, concerts, events, and live virtual demonstrations.  We are producing live feeds that have never been seen, and give broadcasts immediate production value.

Marketing Content

Our signature plan, shoot, edit package, where we turn an entire property into a viewer flythru experience, creating an exciting edit that showcases every aspect in a way its never been seen.  We also bundle in ground cams to offer maximum value.

Our Clients

With our dedication to project success, value adds, and transparency, our clients often become our partners.

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