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Showcase your arena, stadiums, and the incredible athletes within it. There’s just one more, critical angle we’ve been missing, and now we have it. From action sports to Nascar, we will follow.

Premium Service by L.A. Drones

We are a Venice Beach based aerial cinematography company.
We use the most advanced technology to bring you stunning content for all types of listings

L.A. Drones operates safely, LEGALLY, and with artistic precision. Same day footage delivery and editing services provided.

Seasoned Filmmakers
Capture the shots you normally wouldn’t write into your script. Our industry leading team of DP’s, Producers, Directors, Crew, and Pilots will help bring your cinematic visions to life.
World Class Pilots
A drone is as only good as its pilot. L.A. Drones has found the best aviators in the country and assembled a world class flight crew. Anywhere, any gig, anytime.
Scalable Services
Whether you’re filming a high speed chase or following Salmon upstream, L.A. drones will adjust to your project, providing scouting, filming, editing, and full, 360 degree in house services.
VR / 360 production
L.A. Drones offers full VR / 360 production and editing services – from the sky, or the ground.

Next Levelof Aerial Services