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Bleeding edge live broadcast technology solutions

LAD has pioneered the integration of drones into live broadcasts, technically and logistically.  We also produce end to end, tech-driven, “creatively refreshing” broadcasts and live streams for sports and brands.


Seasoned Live Production Crew

The members of our team have been producing broadcasts before drones existed. Not only do our drone teams run and patch their own fiber, but know how to sell broadcast ready shots.

Drone & Venue Logistics Experts

Our focus on FAA regulations, event security and dedication to safety has led to L.A. Drones to be the preferred vendor of many venues, race tracks, and arenas across the U.S.

Complete Content Campaigns

LAD is a fully staffed, full service live production house, handling pre-production, run of show strategies, broadcast trucks, content campaigns, and marketing strategies.

Operations over people waiver

The latest and greatest live drone broadcast integrations from by L.A. Drones

Mint 400 Highlights

Drone Dash Live @ W Resorts

Lexus Playdate

Amazon Intersect
Kacey Musgraves Lightshow

NBA Dunk Drone

Intel AI & Ferrari

Motorsports Reel

LinkedIn Talent Connect

Ferrari Challenge

FPV Broadcast Drones

Literally means “First Person View” video cinematography. Using High Definition FPV (First Person View) Goggles and custom built racing-style drones, our pilots step into cockpit of the drone, and are able to fly cinema-ready cameras with more precision and accuracy than ever before.

*Contactless Safe and Secure Onsite Flying


Full range of broadcast services & solutions

Live Drone Integration

Turnkey addition of drones to any type of broadcast.  Heavy lifters with ENG style cameras, Inspire 2, FPV Drones, RC Cars and oh so much more.  

Complete Broadcast

End to end, live production services, with broadcast truck options.  12+ cameras, audio, replay, ingest, and remote contactless live streaming setups.

Contactless Kits

Open the box, flip it on, and we do the rest.  Brand new, custom built remote broadcast tools with full video ingest, audio and remote monitoring and control.


L.A. Drones offers realtime AI driven graphics and mixed reality broadcast integrations.

Event Coverage

Turnkey addition of drones to any type of broadcast.  Heavy lifters with ENG style cameras, Inspire 2, FPV Drones, RC Cars and oh so much more.  

Fan Experiences

Custom built, highly interactive and engaging live activations and fan experiences.

Recent Clients

With our dedication to project success, value adds, and transparency, our clients often become our partners.

Make LAD Your "Preferred Vendor"

Our VENUE clients receive a lot of demand to have drones at their facilities.  After working with L.A. Drones, many of these same venues requested that L.A. Drones be their “Preferred Vendor” and handle all UAS inquiries to ensure safety and FAA compliance.  Thus, the “Preferred Vendor Program” was born, where we help facilities field all UAS requests and ensure safe and compliant operations.  We have over 20 venues in the program, with zero incidents to date.

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