PGA & Intel ft. the Silverado

Intel and L.A. Drones teamed up to create an incredible all-in-one interactive course experience for PGA attendees. Every hole was filmed, edited, and displayed on Intel-powered tablets for The Fry’s.com attendees to explore and become truly intimate with every fairway on the course. Course reel of Silverado @ Napa Valley coming soon. About us: With […]

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Absolut Vodka Drones

Absolut Vodka invited L.A. Drones to attend Absolut’s Electrik Nights, and as usual, we brought our drones with us. We called on our robotics and engineering team for this one, creating one drone that shakes Absolut martinis, and another drone that literally pours shots on the bar. Yep, you heard it right. All culminating with a surprise […]

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L.A. Drones & Intel @ Oregon Airshow

L.A. Drones was the first ever FAA sanctioned flight team to operate UAS activity, at an airport, during the oregon airshow. Here is a sample of one of our expert pilots (callsign Averitas) flying a Hubsan micro flawlessy in the flight school course for all the attendees. Filming by Andrew Koehler. About us: With L.A. […]

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Moab Extreme

L.A. Drones was tasked with traveling to Moab to capture some extreme activities so consumers at Intel activations could work with editing their own 4k footage. Here’s a little taste. About us: With L.A. Drones, you will find the very best in aerial videography services and masters of photography. We have the best pilots to […]

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Dockercon Afterparty Drone Zone

Intel and L.A. Drones were on hand to put on the Drone Zone experience for Dockercon fans. Intel was giving out Edison chips, LG and Intel Tablets, and Hubsan X4 Drones for attendees that could complete the drone obstacle course. Congrats to the pilots who had never touched a drone and took home a prize […]

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Bureo Skateboards

The Bureo Skateboards team and brand are on a rocketship, and they are using vegetable oil to power their jets (metaphor). In reality, these dudes take discarded fish nets (10% of the world ocean pollution) and TURN THEM INTO KILLER SKATEBOARDS… which every L.A. Drone Team Member currently rides. We had the pleasure to get […]

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