Service Rate Sheet

We offer budget flexible services, and are open to all special requests. Please use the following as a good way to BALLPARK your needs and see the services we provide.
*All items below are based on day rates



Compact: Versatility

• Models include: Phantom 3, Phantom 4, DJI Mavic
• 4K imaging, low profile. Great for real estate, weddings, events, golf courses, basic inspection, web videos, and more.
• $1,500 / day

Mid-Size (Commercial Ready)

• Inspire 1 (X5 Camera) – $2,000
• Micro 4/3rds camera, 4K, larger drone, dual operator

• Inspire 2 Pro (X5s Camera) – $2,500
• DSLR Style camera, 4K 60 FPS, 21 MP Camera

Heavy Lift – Cinema Ready

Alta 8 and Movi PRO

• Alta 8 – Starting at $4,000*
• Movi Pro Gimbal
*L.A. Drones carries both the Alexa Mini and Red Epic Dragon cameras with Zeiss lens packages. Camera/lens package will affect final cost. Please contact us for details.

Virtual Reality & 360 Degree Video Production

From the sky to the ground, we offer 360 video capture and editing services for every 360 unit on the market.
Please contact us with info on your project for rates.

Custom Built Robotics

L.A. Drones stands alone in the custom drone engineering space. Whether you need a branded drone for an event, a robot for a movie, or a drone that counts cattle, we can get it done.
Please inquire for rates.


L.A. Drones offers true aviation liability insurance, and our verified insurance brokers for FilmLA, CA State Parks and the California Film Commission allow us streamline this for every shoot. We are also one of the only companies to offer a GLOBAL (Worldwide) policy as well as insurance for INDOOR events.

FAA Permissions, Paperwork,

All L.A. Drones pilots are 107 certified. Before any flight takes place, there is paperwork that must be submitted to the FAA, and we handle this all for you.

Film Permits

Adding drones or getting drone filming permits can be tough if you haven’t done it before, let L.A. Drones do the entire process for you.