BALBOA ICE Drone Light Show

Well instead of beer, we helped Balboa Ice bring the party itself by sending out the ultimate party drones!  Our coordinated fleet of drones included a drone light show with lasers, LEDs, foggers and a light projector. This custom-made drone spectacle is another example of a unique audience experience only provided by @la_drones, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.


As experts also in experiential marketing, L.A. Drones partnered with Balboa Ice to create a custom drone light show that not only had lasers, but was also capable of operating as a fog machine, and yes, even awesome light show projectors. To create this truly unique experience, we pulled out all the stops in terms of our custom build abilities: LED light fixtures, implementation of custom robotics that performed certain tasks (check out another example of our custom “shot-pouring” drones we built in collaboration with Absolut HERE).

We even called on our robotics and engineering team to bring out the biggest drone we have: The Gryphon. As one of the largest professional drones ever made on the market, Gryphon dynamics are extremely impressive, and they can carry extremely heavy payloads. This especially came in handy for our custom-built addons to create the ultimate customer marketing experience. Check out the action below:

For those less familiar, Balboa is a top beer and lager brand that dominates the Panama area. Their newest edition, Balboa Ice, offers a less filling yet still satisfying taste, one that is ideal for the perfect party atmosphere. Working with L.A. Drones, Balboa Ice was able to provide their audience with an unforgettable party experience that was unique, cutting edge, and most of all, enjoyable. You can say goodbye to the “only front row seats gets the best experience” expression… From street festivals to stadiums, with our custom-made drones, we can bring the experience straight to you!


Check out our engineering section for more granular details on the builds. Specials thanks to Balboa Ice for a truly fun experience!


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