Ferrari Challenge 18

Here are some highlights from the Ferrari Challenge 2018.
L.A. Drones / Ferrari / Doremus Produced piece highlighting the unbelievable partnership forged within the Ferrari Challenge.

L.A. Drones is the OFFICIAL Live Broadcast provider for the Ferrari Challenge.  From the fiber drops to the camera stops, LAD and its crew of 20+ hit the track every month to bring you racing like you’ve never seen it.

L.A. Drones AI data scientists (you heard us right) are working closely with Ferrari to revolutionize motorsports as we know it.  Realtime data analysis, predictive passing technology, and autonomous drones are a few of the amazing technological integrations you will find in our broadcast this year.

About us:
With L.A. Drones, you will find the very best in aerial videographers and masters of photography. We have the best pilots to ensure that you will have the absolute most amazing video on the west coast.

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