Jurassic World Drones @ Hollywood Sign

Hey L.A. Drones, can you build Flying, Drone Driven Pteranodons for Jurassic World the Ride Opening at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Yes, probably, we mean definitely yes.  We can and we will.

L.A. Drones was humbled to work alongside legendary Experiential Marketing Agency – HELO, working with David and Goliath, all in support for their client, Universal Studios Hollywood.

This build was more art / fabrication focused, so it did not have as much robotics, which it made it the most challenging yet.

Propellors and wings working together have been a pursuit of man since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci.  One wants to thrust up, and the other wants to ride the wind.  Building aerodynamic wings with a propellor element was something we believed we could do, and wanted to test ourselves in a way never thought possible.

This win goes to our incredible team.  L.A. Drones executed every phase of this project, from ground cinematography to aerial FPV footage in front of the Hollywood sign.

Austin James Smith – Creative Director, Project Manager, Aerial Director

Aaron Wallechinsky – Test Pilot, Lead Drone Pilot

James Sykes – Test Pilot, Lead Drone Pilot

Michael Jennings – Drone Technician

Devin Vollmer – Chief Engineer
Vignesh Mohanraj – Project Engineer
Deepak Premkumar – Electrical Engineer
Matthew Finney – Lead Fabricator
Jason Lamkey – Producer
Josh Hak – Drone Pilot
Andrew Garrett – Drone Camera Operator
Kyle Smolic – Director of Photography
Adam Hutsell – Camera Operator
Chris Heck – Sound Operator