LinkedIn Talent Connect

LinkedIn Talent Connect was a very special campaign for L.A. Drones, with a lot of new technology and unique challenges.  The event was a major success, and L.A. Drones was able to demonstrate some of their latest Live Aerial Broadcast solutions.

L.A. Drones operated a live feed from the Mavic 2 Pro for LinkedIn’s All Access studio, where the drone was used to cut in live shots of the convention space.

Simultaneously, we had a drone in the Anaheim Arena, where we were both flying in a roped off area and hand holding gimbal shots for the keynotes presentations.  The two live scenarios were being switched between in real time.

To make this all happen, was a production in itself.  L.A. Drones once again pulled off a permitting and regulations feat.  The Anaheim Convention center exists beneath Disney’s TFR (temporary flight restriction).  In reality, this is a permanent flight restriction.  No one can fly near Disney without authority from Disney, then submitted via Waiver, then submitted to DJI to unlock drones.  Well, needless to say we were able to pull it off.  L.A. Drones flew beneath the Disney TFR to Capture the Anaheim Convention Center.  A first of its kind.

Another amazing live drone production from the L.A. Drones team.

Producer / Director:  Austin James Smith

Lead Pilot: Aaron Wallechinsky

Lead Pilot:  James Sykes

Gimbal / Camera Op:  Adam Gibson



Project categories: AERIAL CINEMA