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March 6th 2020

Primm, Nevada

Revving up w/ Royal

Our relationship with Royal Caribbean has been a budding one.  We started off providing extremely high resolution photography (150MP) for highly customizable marketing assets.  In typical LAD fasion, we brought along some of our other tools to show them our latest capture tech, and overall marketing content strategies.  After showing them what could be done, and a few rounds of pitching, they came to us with an idea – what if L.A. Drones goes on our 7 day cruises, and canvasses the entire ships creating unique and new marketing content?  That sounds like a great idea.  And so it began.

LAD Royal Caribbean 01


Behind the campaign

Royal Caribbean x Alibaba – 11.11

On the third project with RC, L.A. Drones joined Royal Caribbean for a special campaign, being selected by Alibaba as a top brand to be apart of their 11.11.11 Day.  So, RC called upon LAD to create unique Alibaba brand integrations on their flagship island, Perfect Day @ Cococay.  And we were off to the Bahama’s to get it done.  Above is an example of an “LED Installation”, and masterful compositing by LAD Editor, Patrick Lawler.

Royal Caribbean 03

Ultra MP Aerial Photography

L.A. Drones worked alongside some fantastic partners for this project.  LAD ringer Jon Graham helped build some incredible wireless tech to interface with the Phase One camera series, allowing us to take 150MP shots of RC ships and the Cococay island.

FPV Cinema Coverage

Before COVID hit, LAD and RC we’re gearing up for their most amibitious campaign yet, featuring all sorts of new technology and FPV capture strategies.  Here is a little tase.


project highlights

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