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L.A. Drones is the Preferred (and exclusive in-stadium) Drone Vendor for SoFi Stadium, Hollywood Park, the Rams, Chargers and all productions onsite.




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March 6th 2020

Primm, Nevada

Turnkey aerial & creative stadium services for all

L.A. Drones is the proud drone vendor of record for SoFi Stadium, Hollywood Park, Los Angeles Rams and Chargers.  LAD has worked closely our partners at the stadium to build protocols for both turnkey drone logistics, and creative capture strategies for every team and event that comes to the stadium (football, concerts, commercials, films and more).  With this program, L.A. Drones and Hollywood Park are able to offer turnkey, unmatched capture opportunities at a major stadium, continuing to pioneer within the live, sports and commercial production realms.


 L.A. Drones also boasts a 24 month COA for the highly sensitive KLAX airspace in which SoFi resides.

Clients and teams coming to the stadium will have full access to the L.A. Drones team, along with our one of a kind aerial, broadcast, editing and experiential services.  


World Class Stadium +
World Class Drone Operators


The Latest @ SoFi

Erin Andrews interviews Coach McVay on Fox Sports

L.A. Drones joined the Fox Sports team to bring our unique stadium capture strategies to the Fox Broadcast.  Using both FPV Cinema drones and the Inspire 2 platform, we captured this interview in a way only fit for SoFi.

SoFi’s #1 Fan Tour

L.A. Drones joined Caveat Films to create an extremely special commercial and social content campaign for SoFi Stadium featuring Rob Lowe and Danny Trejo.  Aerial Director Austin James Smith created a opening sequence fit for the Rams.

Kroenke Sports & LA Guerillas

L.A. Drones brought their signature multi-drone capture to KSE’s e-sports division.  In this piece, we blend FPV Cinema and dual operated Inspire 2 content to add additional value to the viewing experience.

SoFi Stadium – Ribbon Cutting

Celebrities from around the world chime in about what they are going to bring to the stadium when they perform.

Sunday Night Football Drones

L.A. Drones worked with NBC to create custom coverage from the Rams vs. Cowboys home opener at SoFi stadium.

Live Broadcast Shots

A few live aerials from L.A. Drones during the CBS Broadcast.

Chargers Welcome to SoFi

An exclusive look at the finished home stadium for the Chargers.

Sunday Night Football Drones

More looks @ NBC’s broadcast drone shots.

360 Capture

A few live aerials from L.A. Drones during the CBS Broadcast.


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