L.A. Drones has once again helped create commercial content with the Drone as “A Cam.”

L.A. Drones is proud to have worked with the legendary Farm League (agency Campbell Ewald) on this commercial for Valero.  Director @chrismalloy is a gem, and his real time vision and ability to problem solve on set, is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  LAD CEO Austin James Smith worked side by side Chris to combine their visions and translate it into aerial composition.

This commercial also showed how the strength of L.A. Drones Pre-Production and Permitting teams, successfully shooting over 20 locations across 3 different states, in every class of Airspace.  Often permitting multiple locations with 3 days of lead time.

This project required also required we use nearly every drone in our arsenal, based on what type of tracking shot we were going for.  Alta 8 & Alexa Mini, Matrice 600, Movi Pro, Alexa Mini, Inspire 2 and DJI X7 RAW camera.  Teradek 10K, Panavision Lenses, and the kitchen sink in gear.


Aerial Director / Producer – Austin James Smith

Lead Pilot – Aaron Wallechinsky

Gimbal Technicians – Josh Hak, Blake Asbury and Dan Mohr

Producer Assists – Jason Lamkey