VR @ X-Games

Right in the middle of ESPN's Moto-X Best Whip and Intel's BMX Dirt practice. In our opinion, this is what 360 capture is truly about... when you've got a million awesome things to check out all at once, that is require to play the clip again and again. *all content was edited and stiched using Kolor software
L.A. Drones had the pleasure of creating the entire VR Experience at the X-Games Intel Booth. There were four Oculus stations, all playing a 6 minute reel of incredible 360 degree footage captured of X-Games athletes at Woodward. Gold Medalists Colton Satterfield and Kyle Baldock also became the first known athletes to huck flips with a 7 camera, custom mounted 360 bike rig... built by L.A. Drones. Give this sample a look in 4K. More videos will be uploaded soon. *all content was edited and stitched using Kolor software
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