W Drone Dash Live Broadcast

L.A. Drones brought together the all star team one more time for the W Drone Dash live broadcast, featuring every aerial cinematography skill set and production service LAD provides, especially for this live broadcast. For this specific live broadcast, think FPV Racing, meets aerial cinematography, robotic driven drink orders, incredible hosting from What’s Trending

Expert Drones, and of course, all live streamed and broadcasted by our in house production team.  Check out some content here to see our live broadcast drones in action.

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With L.A. Drones, you will find the very best in aerial videographers and masters of live broadcasting. We have the best pilots to ensure that you will have the absolute most amazing video on the west coast.


Whether you need a film project with an overhead shot or you need a promo video for real estate, contact us today and we will raise you to new heights.


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